Raya Home Makeover Ideas

Balik kampung oh oh…( 3X ), Hati girang, Ho ho… Balik kampung (3X), Hati girang… As we approach the Hari Raya celebrations, we are reminded of jolly balik kampung songs, Pasar Ramadhans and the haunting whisper of Yusuf Taiyoob. The Raya period is also a great time to enjoy great discounts if you happen to […]

Why We Love Bello2

Think Beauty Services? Check out Bello2 If you shop online, chances are you would have purchased a voucher for a hair treatment, a facial, a massage, or a manicure in the past couple of years. Whilst it was good fun during the initial days, many people have stopped buying vouchers as they feel they are […]

MilkADeal Is Collaborating With GetDoc!

Health is Wealth! This Chinese New Year, MilkADeal is collaborating with GetDoc to get some tips and advice on how to stay fit and healthy during the year of the Fire Monkey! GetDoc’s mission is to use technology to connect people to quality healthcare providers at a lower cost. The wonderful team at GetDoc aims […]

Man Hacks Down Mountain…… Alone

And only with simple mining tools. This is an inspirational story of Dashrath Manjhi, known also as the “Mountain Man”. While most people might have heard of it as a legend but this is a true story. Manjhi’s wife slipped and seriously injured herself while crossing Gehlour hills to bring him his lunch. Because of […]