Month: August 2014

Raya like MAD

On the 15th of August, The MAD Team had their Raya celebration together at Casa Mont Kiara, a place where all the milks are stored.  Just kidding! The MAD Jamuan Hari Raya was held at Casa Kiara Condominium in Mont Kiara and the MAD Team decided to carry out the Jamuan by having a barbecue! It […]

The MAD Guide to Nude Party Essentials

Life is a party, so why not party in your birthday suit instead?  But before we start taking our clothes off and spray mayonnaise on each other, let’s have a look at what Nudism or more precisely, “Naturism” is at Wikipedia. “According to XIV Congress of the International Naturist Federation, 1974, Naturism is defined as […]

TEDxKL 2014

Last Saturday, on the 9th of August 2014, MAD was invited to an amazing global talk show event called TEDxKL as a part of the supporting partner of the event. I was given the opportunity to attend the event and not to forget, a great seat too! The event was held at Calvary Convention Centre, […]

5 “Useful” Life Hacks For Everyone

Life is full of those little tricks that makes life a little bit more interesting, and most of us have applied it daily, solving all our problems like a boss. The main thing to it is keeping it simple and cheap, so let us share some of our favorite tips so that you can use […]