KL Angpow Guide

It’s that time of the year again when happy love birds who are ready to tie the knot host lavish banquets to celebrate their matrimony with close (and not-so-close) family and friends.

We have reports from friends who were invited to more than 5 weddings per month. Therefore, we thought it would be handy to publish the ultimate angpow guide for Kuala Lumpur weddings (Hotels & Clubs edition)! A quick search on the web shows there are 556 hotels in Kuala Lumpur alone at time of writing (see here).

Apparently, it is not uncommon for couples to keep a spreadsheet of who-gave-how-much at weddings. This spreadsheet is kept so they know how much to reciprocate at future weddings. So if you gave peanuts, don’t expect abalone for your wedding. So be warned, what goes around comes around.


Editor’s Note: This only serves as a guide. Of course it would be very flattering if this guide ends up being the GOLD standard for angpows in KL, but please exercise your own discretion when attending weddings of close family or friends, where you should obviously be more generous!

How to use this guide:

Download the file here. Press Control + F, type in the wedding venue name and check corresponding angpow guide.

We will keep building on this list, so please feel free to leave a comment below with the hotel/club that you would like us to add!

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