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10 Christmas Trees That Are NOT Trees

Who says Christmas trees must be a tree? 1. It could be a poster… Picture source: 2. It could be made up of hangers… Picture source: Karen Willcox, 3. It could be made of Christmas cards… Picture source: 4. You could have you tree in your fridge… Picture source: 5. It […]

Best Christmas Ad 2015 – EDEKA

Are you in a Christmas mood yet? If you are not, watch this ad by Edeka. Just watch it first. This Christmas advert released by German supermarket Edeka is making eyes teary worldwide. It focuses on an elderly man having spent several Christmases alone while watching neighbours having their family back. His children seems to […]

Does Free Shipping Exist?

Let’s just clear this up. No it doesn’t. It’s a marketing ploy. Sorry to burst your bubble. But did you honestly think that the Xbox that you bought from Lazada or that Maxi Dress that you bought from Poplook could make its way to you without incurring ANY additional cost? If you live in East […]

Unleash Your Inner Bridezilla

We know very well that it’s that time of the year when pretty young girls turn into ugly wedding witches, also known as Bridezillas. However, in this day and age of equal opportunity men too can go all mental and unleash their inner Groomzilla. So go crazy! For most people, the wedding day makes the […]

PSY Releases New Song ‘Daddy’

PSY who took the world by storm when he released Gangnam Style back in 2012 and Gentleman in 2013 is back with another hit! via GIPHY The video was released just yesterday (30 Nov 2015) and at point of writing, PSY has already raked up 2.4m views on YouTube! As usual, his hits come complete […]

Top 11 Best Movember Looks

Moustache + November = Movember. Get it? The annual movement involves men (and sometimes women), growing moustaches and beards in November to raise awareness of men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer. The goal? To change the face of men’s health. If you are a woman reading this, damn right men have issues too. […]