If you haven’t heard about it yet, Big Bad Wolf 2015 is back with more books than ever. And it’s going to be epic, judging by the pre-event responses.

The organizers started teasing the public by giving this announcement on their Big Bad Wolf Facebook page on 12 October 2015. It was quite naughty.

Big Bad Wolf 2015 Announcement Joke Big Bad Wolf 2015 Announcement Joke

We couldn’t quite judge whether people actually got the joke. Some of them really thought this was real (come on!). Do you think they will really charge entry fee knowing how Malaysians are like? Check out the post on Facebook here.

Big Bad Wolf 2015 Complaints

So what can we expect from this year’s Big Bad Wolf sales?

1. Still free Entry

Would we go if entry was charged at RM5 as mentioned in the earlier joke? We would never know, but one thing is for sure. It’s free to go jalan-jalan pretending we read a lot right?


2. Suitcases, lots of suitcases

Yes, free plastic bags will still be provided but from past experiences, suitcases are the preferred way to carry books home. Books are heavy you know, so if you’re heading there, save your arms by bringing a few luggages with you.

mescrap_1 (1024x768)

Photo via mescrap

Of course if you are not looking to buy lots of books, trolleys will be provided. Yes trolleys are free, but they will stop you if you attempt to smuggle them into your car.


3. Same crazy prices as before

Last year’s best books were summed up in this blogpost by jewelpie.

Some of the sneak previews for Big Bad Wolf 2015….. If it’s anything like before, we’re happy. Please don’t charge us GST ok?

Kite Runner for RM10
Kite Runner for RM10
Hunger Games Series for RM30
Hunger Games Series for RM30

4. Midnight also got people shop for books

Look at the dates, it’s 4- 14 December, 24 hours non-stop. That means it’s a whole (14-4+1)*24 – 6=258 hours of non-stop book sale. We hope they manage to clear out all 3.5 million books they have. Actually, we hope all those 3.5 million books which are bought are read and donated to others so Malaysians can all read great books.


Photo via Raymond Chia

5. Taking leave because choosing books is hard work

We can’t just go into a book sale and grab everything on sale right? It’s the Big Bad Wolf 2015 Sale, we need time to flip through and determine whether we want to actually read the books. That’s the whole reason of buying any books right?

days off

We are not really sure when they will be doing a Big Bad Wolf Online Sale but we sure hope it will be soon. In previous years, they list some popular items on Groupon like Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic & Sister” and Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie’s Kitchen”. So head over to Groupon to see if there’s any awesome offerings nearer to the big date.

Sophie Kinsella Big Bad Wolf 2015Big Bad Wolf Jamie Oliver

Don’t forget to book your dates for the actual Big Bad Wolf 2015 Sale

Big Bad Wolf Sale 2015

Date: 7am 4 December 2015 – 12 midnight 14 December 2015 (24-hours everyday)

Venue: MIECC @ The Mines

More info on their website and Facebook page.


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