Balik kampung oh oh…( 3X ),
Hati girang,
Ho ho… Balik kampung (3X),
Hati girang…

As we approach the Hari Raya celebrations, we are reminded of jolly balik kampung songs, Pasar Ramadhans and the haunting whisper of Yusuf Taiyoob. The Raya period is also a great time to enjoy great discounts if you happen to be shopping for electrical appliances and home furnishings.

So do join in the celebrations even if you are not celebrating Raya, as given the slow economic pace that we are currently experiencing coupled with the weak Ringgit, every little saving goes a very long way. If you’re on a shoestring budget like I am this Raya, here are some home improvement ideas that you can do to beautify your home but not break your bank!

1. TV

It’s hard not to notice a massive TV in a living room as that’s usually the first thing that people see in your living room.

Image courtesy of our friends at

We found this 50 inch Full HD LED TV on Lazada for just RM1,347 (that’s FIFTY inches of pure entertainment!). It comes with HDMI and USB Ports, enriched visuals & audio as well as enhanced colour imaging.

*Update: Price just went down to RM1,299 now!

2. Curtains

Consider changing your curtains if you haven’t changed them in the past 5 years or so. If you want the modern look, consider using blinds as they can dramatically change the look and feel of your house,. You can thank us after the makeover.

Get the look from Lazada for just RM99 (size 100cm width, 200cm height). This doubles as a blackout too so you get twice the value.

*Update: Price just went down to RM85

3. Canvas Paintings

Whilst it may be easy (and cheap) to buy frames from IKEA, we think it may look a little too common for our liking. I’m sure you know that all-too-familiar feeling when you walk into a room and immediately recognise a Tolsby or a Marietorp.

We therefore recommend getting canvas prints elsewhere as they are generally inexpensive. For example, you can get this beautiful 3-piece oil painting for just RM39!

*Update: Can’t find this painting anymore, here’s a proposed replacement. It’s RM66 instead, also a 3-piece oil painting.

4. Rugs

If you want your home to feel warm and cozy, you need to add some rugs. Most people I know avoid having rugs in their homes because it’s hard to maintain and to keep clean (especially if you have kids). Personally, I think it’s worth every speck of dust because it immediately adds warmth and character to any room. Aside from that, the cost of rugs have come down dramatically, so if it gets dirty, it’s actually cheaper to buy a replacement than to send it for cleaning (assuming you’re not into fine Persian carpets that is!).

See what I mean:

Oh we found this low maintenance rug as it’s water resistant AND comes with cushioning too! It can be yours for you just RM155 (190cm x 190cm).

*Update: Price went down too. RM145 now. Crazy!

5. Lamps

Ceiling lights can be expensive to buy and to install. Therefore, if you are working on a tight budget, we would recommend you add-on table lamps or tall standing lamps to add warmth to your living space. Good lighting can make or break your space, so choose wisely. I would recommend warm yellow lights (I know they are not the best for reading but it’s so nice!).

Check out this arc floor lamp. This light is suitable for your living room if you don’t have an existing feature ceiling light.

HOWEVER, if you don’t trust yourself to DIY, and you have the budget for a major makeover with an interior designer, check out our friends at

You can request for quotes based on your style and budget:

If you are into home decor porn or just looking for some inspiration, you might want to download their app too as it allows you to browse and save renovation ideas, read homeowner reviews and get free quotes.

Here are some of our favourite designs!

Good luck and Salam Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin!