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Lessons from Traveling Between Singapore & Malaysia

Traveling between Singapore & Malaysia I’m Shaun, MilkADeal Cashback’s co-founder. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been traveling between Singapore and Malaysia for work and leisure. Here are some of my learnings throughout that period. 1. Lost & Found I left my bag on the overhead compartment of the KLIA Express on my way to […]

Top 5 Destinations To Beat The Haze

The haze is really bringing Malaysians down. Down to Indonesia that is! If this is Indonesia’s conspiracy to lure more tourists to Indonesia, well, you win liao! Here we highlight the top 5 destinations to beat this awful, terrible, vegetable haze! Bali When in Bali, do what the Australians do. Haha, just kidding. But it’s […]

“Secret” local getaways for you and your loved ones

December is here! Which means its holiday time! Now its great to be able to travel but what if you’re on a budget and want to spend your time locally? This list will definitely help you out. 1. Banjaran Hotsprings, Ipoh 2. Sekeping Serendah, Kuala Lumpur 3. Awanmulan, Negeri Sembilan 4. 45 Lekiu, Malacca 5. The Dusun, Negeri Sembilan 6. Bamboo-Village, Hulu […]